StringKing Metal 2 320 Defense Shaft

  • Manufactured by: StringKing
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Metal 2 - the best gets better with improved durability and advanced technology.  The Metal 2 line offers players multiple options of the highest performaning, lightest shafts on the market.

Taper Technology - This process distributes more material toward the top of the shaft and less at the bottom to reduce weight and maximize performance.

Superior Material - Manufactured with a custom high-grade aluminum alloy that is blended with Scandium, Titanium, Zinc and other elements for ultimate durability

Optimized Cross Section - We removed unnecessary material from select concave points of the cross section and added it to the corners for increased strength

Multiple Weights - Providing more weight options lets you decide what level of durability and performance you want out of your shaft

Comes with butt end, end cap and LACROSSE TAPE

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