StringKing Mark 2F Head

  • Model: MARK2F
  • Manufactured by: StringKing
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Product Detail

The Mark 2F faceoff lacrosse head was designed for the perfect balance of flexibility, durability, and strength to dominate the X.

Ground ball dominance.

  • Controlling the ball means nothing if you don’t control possession.
  • The angled scoop of the Mark 2F makes it a ground ball vacuum so you can attack a loose ball from any angle.

Better materials.

  • A new hybrid plastic gives the Mark 2F the perfect balance of flex and stiffness.
  • It flexes when you need to grip the ball but holds its shape enough for consistent performance.

More control.

  • The Mark 2F was designed from top to bottom to dominate face-offs, from the shortened throat that gives you more leverage, to the higher flare and straighter sidewall that help you control the ball.

Locking Bolt Installation

  • The Mark 2F comes with three locking bolts to provide the most stability and durability possible. Click here to learn how to drill the holes needed for the bolts.

Self-Tapping Screw Installation

  • If you do not have access to a power drill, click here to learn how to attach the Mark 2F to your shaft with self-tapping screws.
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