EC Hero 2.0 Semi-Soft Mesh Kits

  • Manufactured by: East Coast
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  • ZoneTech is designed to give you the increased accuracy, consistency, and control you need game after game.
  • The sides feature Innegra, the lightest fiber in the world, which is less elastic than our LTH fibers These rigid fibers funnel the ball into your channel, and provide a lighter, more consistent pocket that will bag out less over time.
  • The channel features our LTH fibers, which are strategically placed to provide the soft touch and responsive feel you rely on 


  • 1 Piece of HeroMesh (Semi-hard)
  • 3 Shooting Strings
  • 2 Shooting Nylons
  • 5 Sidewall Strings
  • 1 Self-tapping Screw
East Coast
East Coast
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